How do I add an IMAP account in Apple Mail

1. Open Apple Mail

2. Go to 'Mail' then 'Preferences

3. Go to the 'Accounts' Tab, Then click the Plus button on the bottom left hand side
4. Select 'Add Other Main Account' then click Continue
Account Type

5. Enter your Name, Email address and Password then click Continue. Once the screen changes to say 'Account must be manually configured' click Continue
Account Details

6. Select 'Account Type' as IMAP, Enter the mail server as (replace with your own domain name), Enter your full email address and password then click Next
Manual Configure IMAP

7. Click Next to configure additional account information when prompted
Additional account information required

8. Add the Port 143 for IMAP or 993 for IMAP with SSL and click Next

9. Configure your outgoing mail with the same information as your incoming., your full email address, and your password then click Create

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