How do I install an SSL certificate?

Once you have purchased an SSL certificate, you will be able to install it through the "SSL/TLS Manager" module in cPanel. 
The first step in generating an SSL certificate is to create a Private Key. Start by reading the instructions in the Private Keys (KEY) section below.

Step 1: Private Keys (KEY)
1. Click on the Generate, view, upload, or delete your private keys
2. When the page loads Click on the Generate button under "Generate a New Private Key". There is no need to enter anything in description.

3. Click on Return to SSL Manager.

Step 2: Activate SSL on Your Website
1. Click on the Setup an SSL certificate to work with your site.
2. Copy and paste the CRT in the "Certificate: (CRT)" field. This is provided to you by your SSL issuer.
3. Enter your encoded Private Key in the "Private Key: (KEY)" field. This is obtained in Step 1.
4. Open a Support eTicket and one of our team members will install the SSL for you.

Your new SSL cerficate is now installed! You will be able to access your website at

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