Where do I upload my website?

All clients are able to upload their website files via "File Manager' in cPanel, or directly via FTP. The login details to your cPanel account were sent to you when you first registered for your hosting service with Netorigin.

Uploading through FTP 
To upload your website through FTP you will need an FTP Client (a popular program to use is FileZilla). To upload files to your website, you need to drag and drop your websites files into the /public_html/ folder from your local computer.
Your FTP login details are:
FTP Hostname: yourdomain.com
Webpage URL: http://www.yourdomain.com
Username: Your cPanel username
Password: Your cPanel password 
Uploading through cPanel
To upload your website via cPanel, please take the followin steps:

1. Log into cPanel at www.yourdomainname.com/cpanel
2. Click on "File Manager"
3. When prompted select the "Home Directory" to open.
4. Click "Upload" and select the files which you want to upload.

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