Why am I receiving a 503 Service Unavailable error on my website?

The most common reason to receive a 503 Service unavailable error on your website is when your cPanel account has exceeded the allocated resource limits such as CPU, RAM, and disk I/O. Resource intensive plugins and scripts can consume large amounts of CPU and disk I/O, which can have a negative impact on other users on the hosting platform. Instead of Netorigin taking your website offline completely when this happens we will temporary display the 503 service unavailable message until your resource usage drops (which can take up to 15 minutes).

To determine if you are exceeding your CloudLinux resource limits, you can take a look at these steps below:

1. Log into your cPanel account
2. Click the icon called '
CPU and Concurrent Connection Usage' to see what resource limit you are hitting

Not hitting your resource limit?
If you have not been exceeding your resource limits, try changing the PHP version by clicking the 'Select PHP Version' and then you can select 'PHP 5.4 (native)' from the dropdown list and click 'Set as current' to save the change. 

How to lower your resource usage
If you are consistently receiving a 503 message error message, then we recommend reading the How can I improve my website's performance? article for tips on optimising your website.

If you are still unsure on troubleshooting, please lodge a Support eTicket and one of our support representatives will be able to assist you.

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