I can't access my website, email or cPanel

When you can't access your website, email account or cPanel, we advise you to check your domain name via http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com which will inform you that the server your website is hosted on is either online or offline.

1. Server Firewall Block

In most cases the server will be online and you most likely would have been blocked by the server's firewall.

To check if you have been banned, you can log into the Origin Centre and go Support > Unblock IP Address. Your IP address will be automatically entered into the field and you will then just need to click "Check for IP Block and Remove".

2. 503 Service Unavailable Error
You will receive a 503 error temporarily (for 5-15 minutes) when you reach your cPanel account resource usage limits). You can find out more information at this error at the Why am I receiving a 503 Service Unavailable error on my website? article

3. DNS Related Issues

If your IP address is not blocked by the Server Firewall then you may be experiencing DNS issues.

On your internet browser (eg Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox), clear all Browsing Data. Once you have done this, please restart your computer and home/office router.

PLEASE NOTE: We also highly recommend that all clients ensure that their DNS is set to the following nameservers, with their Domain Name Provider:

4.Still Experiencing Issues

If you have completed the above steps, and you are still experiencing issues then please open an eTicket with our Support Department.

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